De la sclav la vizir: ascensiunea lui Iosif în Egipt

  • Agignoaei Alexandru Nicolae Facultatea de Teologie Ortodoxă, „Universitatea 1 Decembrie, 1918”, Alba Iulia


The present study aims to shed more light on an Old Testament biblical moment that we do not consider sufficiently intensely treated in local biblical theological disciplines: the rise of Patriarch Joseph in Egypt, from slave status to vizier status, or, in other words, to the second position in the Egyptian empire, after that of Pharaoh. In our research we used interreligious sources, in addition to the specifically Christian ones (Holy Scripture and patristic writings) using the Muslim Qur’anic account of Joseph’s life in Egypt, but also the Jewish historian Josephus Flavius. It will thus be noted that the biography of Joseph in Egypt, at least until the time he becomes vizier, is approached differently in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim writings mentioned above, between which there are obviously both similarities, as well as differences, both aspects that are incompatible and aspects that can be harmonized in an exemplary manner in order to fill some gaps regarding the rise of Joseph in the empire of the pharaohs. At the same time, in conducting this research, we used strictly profane sources related to ancient Egypt, sources that, through their level of objectivity, gave us very useful and very interesting details, details that clarify many aspects of the scriptural report from the Book of Genesis on how Patriarch Joseph ascended to Egypt from a simple slave to the second man in the empire. We sought in the research to be as objective as possible in terms of extrascriptural sources, so we can bring some clarifications of a religious, historical, political, social and moral nature that we consider necessary in achieving an exegesis or a strictly historical approach to this scriptural episode from the Old Testament.

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