Preotul și viața de obște a păstoriților

  • Raul Vasile Pap Școala Doctorală de Teologie ,,Isidor Todoran", Facultatea de Teologie Ortodoxă, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca


The priest, by the nature of his mission and on the basis of the power received from the Saviour Jesus Christ, is the one who guides his believers to salvation. This aspect of guiding the life of the believers engages the priest in community life. Throughout the national history, the priests of the Orthodox Church have been fully integrated into the daily life of the believers. They had a very important role in the Romanian village life. In the public activity, the priest must be a guide and supporter of the moral life of the believers through preach, catechesis, ministry and most of all through the example of their own lives. The priest"™s duty is to mediate, so that the liturgical act and the word of teaching extend into the consciousness of the believers. The main aspects of the activity and presence of the Orthodox priest in the public life have an important place in the concerns of the soul guides. Nowadays, the Romanian Orthodox priests carry out their mission of preaching the Gospel of peace and love to the people with a great desire. The permanence of the Christian tradition has been brought into line with the spiritual realities of the clergy and the believers of today"™s times, the priesthood coming out to meet the high standards of contemporaneity.

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