Sistemul modal al glasurilor după Dimitrie Cunțanu în varianta scrisă

  • Vasile Pașca Școala Doctorală de Teologie ,,Isidor Todoran", Facultatea de Teologie Ortodoxă, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca


The version of the voices by Cunțanu represents a version of the religious music issued during the unfortunate historical events of the unity in 1701. It was confirmed in writing and made official in 1890 when the collection of religious songs of the 8 voices was published by the priest Dimitrie Cunțanu. Next to this written version there is also an oral one but it had some differences. These by their structure, belong to the modal system like any other system of monodic song. The modal system of voices by Cunțanu, integrates a number of 19 modal structures all differentiated by the number of the voice (even though in general we can mention around 8 voices the modal structures are many more) and by the type of song (Diatonic or Chromatic) for each voice at the same time there are 2 or 3 modal structures that can have no connection between them.

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