Proiectul de sine, între confuzie și sens existențial

  • Ștefan Florin Facultatea de Teologie "Justinian Patriarhul", Universitatea din București


In this study I started from the assumption that every human being has an existential sense which, throughout his life, is possible to pervert or even lose him. The postmodern era has become incompatible with a noble, transcendent sense of actual man. In this state of confusion, the human person needs more than ever the orientatio, that is, a clear path towards something that does not limit it to materialism and consumerism. One of the factors that positively influence the existential meaning of man is commitment (toward oneself, toward others and toward God). The Christian life has permanently demonstrated that the sense par excellence of man is the eternal life to which it can be directed with the help of a feeling of the ephemeral (world) and immortal (soul). With the loss of the soul balance, man approaches the existential emptiness. The impatient time, the overabundant activities, the sensory over stimulation, the superficiality of the relationships, predispose him to the drama of meaninglessness. Therefore, in this study we will emphasize the current human situation and possible resolutions regarding its inner recalibration. Solutions such as contemplative life, self-discovery through meditation, self-awareness through awareness of its psycho-spiritual contents, disillusionment with the world"™s offerings, communion with God through prayer, are as many chances of reunion with oneself and with the Source of life, from which the personal meaning of existence certainly emerges.

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