Expresii verbale liturgice în cartea Apocalipsa

  • Laurențiu Urian


The following study analyzes the liturgical verbal expressions, as well as two dialogues, the initial one and the other final, considered by many scholars to be liturgical. We will interpret the texts considered to be textual clues of interaction with listeners. Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian impresses trough many liturgical elements. Throughout the book we discover a way of praying and address to God that uses vocabulary and style of worship. We find doxologists, hymns, prayers and other literary forms that are specific to liturgical hymnology. Words like "Halleluiah", "Amen" and expressions such as "Grace to you and peace" (Rev. 1, 4), "Come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev. 22, 20), "Holy, Holy, Holy" (Rev. 4, 8) are among many others most evidently present in the First Church Liturgy and even in the Jewish Liturgy. The hagiographer of the Revelation often expresses in words and appreciates the relationship with God through the language of the liturgy. Revelation is probably the book of the New Testament that contains the highest explicit concentration of liturgical elements.

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