Suspension of a Conflict in a Darkened Son

  • Chandler D. Rogers Boston College


Antithetical desires displayed throughout Kierkegaard"™s authorship indicate the disjunctive assumption that the individual exists either in a state of increasing autonomy, expressed negatively as striving for freedom from divine constraint, or in a state of self-annihilating submission, expressed positively in terms of kenotic unification. Proximity to the divine thereby entails forfeiture of individuality, contrary to the explicit aim of Kierkegaard"™s authorial project, and aversion to materiality. This essay enunciates the conflict (I), traces the crescendo of loss that births the pseudonymous authorship and ends in realized longing for death (II), and approaches a more holistic vision of psycho-spiritual development (III).

Keywords: Desire, Death, Psychoanalysis, Søren Kierkegaard, Julia Kristeva, Sigmund Freud, St. Augustine, St. Paul.

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