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Throughout this itinerary of analysis and reflection, we try to make an enriching journey through the universe of concepts, experiences and reflections of the professor emeritus (and psychiatrist) Giacomo Daquino of Torino, who in his works is constantly considering psychiatry and psychopathology, as precursor, preparatory and forerunners for the construction of a healthy, solid, and fully therapeutic spirituality. God is not just outside of us, a "You" - a dialogue partner, but it is also in the deepest depths of our being, and access gates to Him are blocked by insufficient psycho-mental hygiene: as a result, to claim spiritual performance, we must pay attention to the maladministration and intoxication of our own unconscious. The entire lifetime work of the emeritus professor (now 83 years old) warns us of this truth: without touching psychic maturity, you will not acquire a healthy spirituality but will use religion to justify and express your camouflaged psychopathologies, tyrannizing your being. Therefore, three concepts must be correctly understood from the Christian point of view: selfesteem (as non-hostile reporting to own identity), disharmonic personality (in which the self is in contrast, antagonism initiated perhaps even in the prenatal phase of life) and psycho-emotional immaturity, a reality that compromises any chance of promoting a healthy spirituality. As a result, all three of these are the prerequisites for a healthy reconstruction of the self, the condition of success in the initiative of acquiring intimacy with God, the ultimate ideal of spirituality. Otherwise, we remain stuck - in different phases, it is true - only to the desideratum of getting closer to Him. Our journey is done by exploiting  exclusively the materials published by the renowned teacher in books (articles and studies reserving them another research).

Keywords: Reconstruction of the self, affective dependence, mutilated childhood, axis of verticality, failed intimacy, disharmonic personality, incongruity myself, denied protagonist

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TIA, Teofil. PRELIMINARII PSIHO-AFECTIVE ÎN "CONSTRUCȚIA"³ INTIMITĂȚII CU DUMNEZEU OPTICA PROF. GIACOMO DACQUINO DIN TORINO -. Anuarul Facultății de Teologie Ortodoxă, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, [S.l.], v. 20, p. 189-204, mar. 2019. ISSN 2457-6719. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 03 dec. 2021.

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