• Nicușor Beldiman University of Bucharest


A zealous hierarch and preacher, with a significant contribution to the theory of homiletics and the development of Romanian homiletic literature during the first half of the 20th century, was Bishop Grigorie Comşa of Arad whose life and works, intertwined in an exemplary pastoral paradigm, fully deserve our attention and gratitude. Beside a great number of sermon books, bishop Grigorie Comşa also bequeathed to us The History of Romanian Preaching – a 303 – page anthology of homilies and a major source for the field of Practical Theology. It is also a landmark of inter-war culture, as it provides an overview of the medieval and modern church thought. The contribution of homilists is easily identified, as the book is structured according to two criteria: the historical one (by centuries, starting with the first extant records dating from 15th century) and the geographical one (for the three great historical provinces: Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania). The last book to be mentioned was published in 1920. The author does not confine himself to enumerating the books, but provides commentaries on the quality of these sermons. We also note that he presents and describes valuable sermons in manuscript form, who are now known due to the diligent author of this History.

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