• Gheorghe Șanta


The concept of education is amongst the few, if not the only one, which could stand as an own good of human essence. Education is action, abnegation, ceaseless zeal, care for each moment, it is a process in development and at the same time, in its essence bears a transfer of values from society to individual. The process in development, the educational approach, is an ensemble, a system of actions projected, organized, coordinated, assessed and maximized according to qualitative criteria. Education as a man’s spiritualization process would be impoverished if it didn’t have in view person’s ability to integrate, and the connection between matter and spirit. The word has its fundamental vocation of working to outline and mould disciple’s personality. The fundamental mission of the divine and human word is to build the human person in spiritual beauty, in what is good, truth and justice. Word’s normal function in education is the expression of the good’s will, which means, of everything that is worthy, noble and superior. The word has the power of spiritual rebirth, of integral life, being a strong instrument for education. People must be aware of the fact that an important aspect in educational activities’ most propitious carrying out, represents the communicative ethos.

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