Țăranul, „icoana” sfințită prin jertă a poporului român și promotor al sacralității satului românesc

  • Ioan Dorin Torcoș Școala Doctorală de Teologie ,,Isidor Todoran”, Facultatea de Teologie Ortodoxă, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca


The present study, in accordance with the topic proposed by the Romanian Patriarchate for 2019 as a Homage Year for the Romanian Village (as well as for priests, teachers and honorable mayors) and the Commemorative Year of Patriarchs Nicodim Munteanu and Iustin Moisescu and also of religious books translators, is structured in three chapters. I chose this theme from my honest wish to express the profound structure the Romanian village, which, enigmatically, translates the language of pure love and of passionate yearning for the beauty of ancient village, by making a trip into the past. This journey to live again the unique moments of childhood, but most of all, to meet again the peasant of the Romanian village, the mirror of faith, culture and civilization of the Romanian people, is the main purpose of the present approch. Accordingly, the author tryes to emphasize the values of our national identity as much as those ar in accordance to authentic Christian consciousness, passed on over the ages through the Church, an axis mundi of the Romanian culture. The Romanian village is the holy altar to which our parents, our grandparents and our ancestors prayed and sacrificed themselves, the altar they have consecrated again and again for eternity, through their tears, an alive altar where the Living God has His dwelling place.

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