Unitate și diversitate în cântarea liturgică din Biserica Ortodoxă Română

  • Mircea Florian Pădureanu


Music and singing are inseparable, the text being on the first place. The singing of words, their living, works wonderfully on the soul, the Christian truths deeply penetrating the heart of the believer, as the Blessed Augustine says. The appearance of the Byzantine music in Romania is closely related to the appearance and spread of Christianity on the territory of our country. The liturgical song of the Orthodox Church has holy sources, being filtered by the experiences of the Romanian soul. The result of this selection was the appearance of a traditional melos performed by national church music heroes, Macarie Ieromonahul and Anton Pann. The old church singers worked and enriched the old music of the Eastern Church according to the musical genius and the practical Romanian genius, we having the duty to preserve, cultivate and develop this singing, identified with the “Romanian and religious taste and sense” as Bishop Melchisedec Ștefănescu said.

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