Diversitate, asemănare și unitate în scrisorile Apocalipsei (Cap. 2-3)

  • Traian Gheorghe Mocan


The article describes the particularities of the seven churches of Asia Minor, highlighted in the letters dictated by Christ to the Apostle and Evangelist John (Revelation 2 and 3). The differences between these churches are given by the social, political and religious context in which they lived, details which confirm the variety of expression of primary Christianity. We have also identified a series of similarities in the belief and church life, that is, certain common features and attitudes. Synergistically, the differences and similarities between these communities lead to unity based on a deeply Christological and ethical consciousness. Fundamentally derived from the teachings of the Savior and the Holy Apostles, they form a solid and lasting ecclesiology. At the paradigm level, the atmosphere and principles established then continue to energize the Church of Christ to this day and continue to do so until Parousia.

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